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Final Phoneme Sorts


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The Final Phoneme Sorts use fun, colorful pictures to provide abundant practice segmenting and sorting final phonemes. Each of the 6 sets has 27 picture cards (9 each for 3 phonemes) and includes an example card. Sets cover consonants and digraphs.

These phoneme segmentation manipulatives are color-coordinated with Phoneme Songs & Blending, our remarkably effective program that uses songs to teach phonemes in isolation. The phonemes are grouped the same and background colors match.

A great by-product of Phoneme Sorts is vocabulary development. Direct students to set aside the picture cards they are unsure of. Use them as a teaching opportunity. Rather than tell students what a word is, discuss it (i.e., moths are attracted to light, Ping-Pong is a paddle game, etc.).

Grade Levels: Kindergarten, 1st

Common Core ELA Standards: RF.K.2d, RF.1.2c

Contents: 12 cover-weight sheets (6 sort activities)

Reading Manipulatives is discontinuing production of printed, laminated materials. Remaining full-color phonemic awareness and reading readiness products are being liquidated at more than 50% off laminated pricing. The fun art is printed on cover-weight paper. The engaging graphics could also be used for vocabulary and language development. Pieces are coded for organization.


6 sets of 3 final phonemes
27 pictures per set
Free online guide